The global Salesian family came together recently when Father Crispino D’Souza, Provincial (Education) from the Salesian Province of Mumbai, Father Bernard Fernandes, Principal, Don Bosco High School Matunga, Mumbai, and their guide, Racquel Shroff, came to visit us to learn about our programs.

The annual Mass in the Parish program continued with our visit to St Simon the Apostle in Rowville. Miss Bronwyn Dean organised the students and two of them spoke to the Parish community. Excerpts from their respective speeches appear below.

“St Joseph’s emphasises many values which I have taken on board wholeheartedly. The values that I see as important include kindness, respect, forgiveness, hard work and being an all rounder. The school motto is ‘Agite Quae Didicistis’ which is Latin for ‘put into practice what you have learnt’. What I have taken from this saying is that I should never take my education for granted and that instead of just going through school just trying to finish it, I should instead utilise my education to improve my life and the lives of those around me. In doing this, I truly would be fulfilling the motto and striving to reach my full potential which is what life is all about.”
Sam Vella (8 Cantamessa)

“Catholic values are embedded deep within the community of St Joseph’s College; teaching methods are inspired by the ethics of Don Bosco and Salesians, infrastructure and buildings are designed with individuality, diversity and collaboration in mind, and, most importantly, students are inspired to follow the footsteps of Jesus, bettering themselves and building their person each and every day. My journey actually began here, at St Simon’s in attending the RE program which exposed me to the Catholic faith long before attending St Joseph’s, allowing me to begin my journey early in life. This journey I’m talking about is the development of a person to have three main qualities: consideration, compassion and civility. And I’m proud to say that every time I see my fellow students offering an outstretched hand to a struggling boy, bidding farewell to their teachers and peers at the end of the day and raising over $18,000 for Project Compassion earlier this year, these three pinnacle values are shining through every single boy.”
Carter Hills (12 Prest)

Our recent Salesian Action Day proved, once again, that our students are very generous with their creative talents. Students raised well over $8,000 for the Salesian Missions. Father Jim Acreman celebrated our Salesian Action Day Mass, and is pictured talking with students during his Homily.

Ms Cathy Livingston