St Joseph’s College focuses on providing a differentiated ‘boys education’ with a specialised approach to teaching and learning at each year level.

Why choose an all-boys’ school?

Boys and girls have distinct learning styles. Being able to focus only on boys means that St Joseph’s College can better tailor the learning process for boys.


A sense of belonging is an important value which we strive to nurture each day. Boys are well known at St Joseph’s College.

Gender Balance

The College has a balance of female and male staff who work across the school in various roles. It is important that the students see both women and men in a range of positions and that this reflects society.


Our distinctive support of students extends to their wellbeing. At the heart of wellbeing is relationship. Your son has a Homeroom Teacher who will spend time with him each day.

Transitioning to Secondary School

Year 7 and 8 students have a period of time each fortnight called ‘Oratory’. During Oratory, the Homeroom Teacher, Year Level leader and Year Level Learning Leader focus on important topics which assist students to navigate their lives. Sessions are tailored for boys and include topics such as Goal Setting, My Character Traits, Salesian Heritage, Leadership and much more. The emphasis is on empowering students to be “leaders of self”.