Principal’s News – 18 October 2018

Principal’s News – 18 October 2018

Welcome back to Term 4. Year 12s are completing their final days of formal classes in VCE, VET and VCAL. Our thoughts and prayers are with the students and their families as they prepare for final assessments and exams.

On Sunday 14 October, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Pope Paul VI and five others were canonised in Rome by Pope Francis. This is a significant time in the life of the Church.

If you are aware of any families seeking enrolment for their son’s at the College in 2020, please encourage them to contact my Personal Assistant, Ms Janelle Spring, for details.

Congratulations to Pearce McCreadie (8 Cantamessa) who won third place in the Parliament Prize competition for 2018. Further information, including his prize winning essay can be found in the Year 8 section of this edition of the Newsletter.

The Mullum VET Cluster Awards were held on Tuesday 16 October and I am proud to announce the following winners from St Joseph’s College:

Brandon Cameron Year 11 – Certificate II in Acting – Year 1
Jac Semple Year 10 – Certificate II in Building and Construction – Year 1
Jack Kelsey Year 11 – Certificate II in Building and Construction – Year 1
Jai Scales Year 12 – Certificate II in Building and Construction – Year 2
Daniel Kreidl Year 11 – Certificate II in Engineering – Year 2
Andrew Martin Year 12 – Certificate II in Laboratory Skills – Year 2

Thank you to Mrs Vivienne Egan, Head of Pathways, for her instrumental work in leading this area of student programs and the teachers who taught the students.

Congratulations to Harry Johnson (9 Cantamessa) who has been selected in the Australian U15 Basketball Team.

On Friday 19 October at 6pm, the Annual Arts and Technology Evening will be held and I hope we see many people in attendance to celebrate the inspiring student work. If you haven’t yet RSVPed, please click on the following link.

The ACCent on Music video (Collaboration) is now available on the following website and YouTube channel – This is a 12 minute documentary style video that covers the planning and preparation phase, with the second part featuring actual footage of the concert and responses from some audience members. Thank you to all involved, especially Miss Bronwyn Dean and Ms Sophie Maclure.

Parents and guardians may be interested in some of the resources developed by Michael Grose who is a parenting expert. One of his online courses is ‘Parenting Boys’ which delves onto the minds of boys; exploring topics like emotions, behaviour, education, organisation, communication and sexuality. From pre-school through to teens, the course seeks to empower parents to be one step ahead with tools and strategies to assist in raising happy sons to become fine young men. The course is $97 and may provide you with some worthwhile information and additional skills. Parenting Course

Congratulations to Jack Moses (11 Ledda) and Alex Giurini (11 Ledda) who have been elected as College Captains for 2019. Further announcements regarding Student Leadership 2019 will be made in the next Newsletter.

Our thoughts are prayers are with Brendan Leane and Glenn Richardson who have both lost their fathers (Patrick and John, respectively) in the past week.

All the best for the fortnight ahead.

Ms Cathy Livingston

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